Andy Youso

Monday-Thursday 8pm-1am
Friday 10pm-1am

Brant Hansen and Sherri Lynn

Monday-Friday Noon-4pm

Darin Patzer

Friday 7-10pm 

Dave & Shauna Arthur

Monday-Friday  5am-10am

Dave Moore

Saturday 7pm-8pm
Sunday 3pm-8pm

Denise Harper

Saturday 8pm-1am

Derek Cutlip

Monday-Friday  5am-10am

Don Godman

Saturday & Sunday  7am-1pm

Doug Hannah

Monday-Friday 10am-Noon

Eric Allen

Sunday  8pm-1am

J.J. Hemingway


Lisa Barry

Monday-Thursday 7pm-8pm
Sunday 1pm-3pm

Lorenda Rae

Monday-Thursday 4pm-8pm
Friday 4pm-7pm
Saturday 1pm-7pm

Melissa Stover

Saturday & Sunday  1am-6am

Taylor Morgan

Saturday & Sunday  6am-7am

Theresa Ross

Monday-Friday  1am-5am


Conrad Agte

Chief Engineer

Darin Patzer

General Manager

Rachel Sumagpang

Office Staff

Ron Hessel

Weekend Pastor
Saturday morning at 11:00am 

Ruth Sheidler

Office Staff

Shine Board Members

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