Cooking Class - Picnic Favorites

Post Falls Adventist Church
3297 E Poleline Ave, Post Falls

May 9 at 6:00 pm

Back by popular demand!!! Summer is picnic time, and there are some wonderful whole-food, plant-based options to choose from. Learn to make baked beans, two kinds of potato salad - one with store bought vegan mayonnaise and one with a homemade mayonnaise using cashews (if time), and two kinds of homemade 'hot dogs' - one with gluten, and one that uses carrots. If there is time, you will also learn to make a chick-pea 'chicken' salad, and BBQ pulled pork using soy curls. Summer is not complete without ice-cream! For dessert the class will be making a simple ice-cream that does not require an ice-cream maker or other special equipment. Come join us! The class is for practical application in daily life, it is not a gourmet cooking class. All classes are plant-based and whole-food oriented. Come hungry! ​

  • Instructors: Alison Cover & Valerie Scrafford
  • Class Limit: 12
  • Style: Hands-on
  • Cost: $5

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